Esthetic professionals in high demand recognize that in today's competitive market - there is the need to develop a professional edge.  This edge includes unequalled customer service, higher acumen and knowledge of products, and a greater proficiency in equipment technologies. The knowledge of skin sciences, skin assessment and the command of applicable skill sets are all crucial components in professional presentation.

The foundation of Intellective Aesthetics training is based on core components in esthetic sciences with an emphasis on higher learning. We believe that the steps to developing the competitive edge includes a passion to acquire more knowledge and develop greater skill sets. 

Our training is designed for discerning and progressive estheticians that want to take their careers onto a learning pathway that includes critical thinking, acceptance of new concepts and thinking outside the box.

Our Vision

Why Intellective Aesthetics?

We validate the need of the interactive educational experience - it is both important and effective to engage in face-to-face training - communication is the root of understanding ....

As academic educators: we acknowledge that not everyone "learns" the same way. We believe in providing instructional techniques to engage all types of learning disciplines.

We promote the power of knowledge - and knowledge is power. The learning experience should include the sharing of ideas,engaging conversation, to be able to ask questions... and have them answered.